Prepare For A Smooth Open Enrollment Well-In-Advance!


As open enrollment is just around the corner, most of the HR get busy in developing plan offerings, strengthen employee communications and maintaining technology platforms to make things streamlined. Although the pre-enrollment period is daunting and error prone, but careful preparation and proper planning can help you lower the burden and stress quotient with better results in a form of successful open enrollments.

How can HR and Benefits teams deal with this Open Enrollment Hustle?

Prepare Your Annual Activity Time Table!

By preparing your annual activity list that includes all your projects and tasks to be handled at this time of the year, you will get the fair idea about the time you have and how much you need to devote to open enrollment and administration processes. If any important project is scheduled during the busy season, try to reschedule it to some other time or if possible pass it to some other team. Make appropriate changes, review them and try to find a free space for the open enrollment preparations.

Categorize and Present your Offerings!

Actively discuss your benefit plans through strong communication channels. Since most of your employees might focus on few specific programs that they have already planned about such as medical, dental, vision and voluntary life, they just overlook other beneficial plans.

Thus, in order to bring out the best benefit packages for your employees, try focusing on current requirements. Categorize your offerings on the basis of what programs need to be included in current enrollment sessions. Other additional benefits and perks could be provided during the year.

Get Some Expert To Take Care Of Your Enrollment Processing!

Consider bringing in a benefits industry expert to talk in an easy-to-understand language about the benefits plan, and guide employees as per their convenience.  Also, go through all the questions you have received from employees in the past and consider developing a Q&A document that answers frequently asked questions.

Apart from guiding your workforce, so that they can choose the best benefit plans, schedule time with your broker to adjust all the spills such as confirm requirements, deadlines, and data needs. Make sure that you have perfect coordination and communication with all your parties that can provide you with regular updates and managing deadlines.

Transfer The Information Into Employee Hands Directly!

Any plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) should be directly transferred to employee’s hands whenever possible. Posting documents or information internally will not do the whole task. Set up a meeting with employees personally, answer their queries and give them relevant information. Tie your meeting with some reward to get the maximum employees show up.

Take on Technology! 

Since technology is the biggest key in driving successful open enrollments, as a part of your pre-enrollment preparations, check if your existing solution provider is meeting all your benefit administration needs or not! If not, then better start looking for a new one! Go with the feedbacks and features for the selection before the open enrollment period starts. Whatever be the case, when you are ready with a system, encourage your employees to login to the enrollment portal and explore it. This will make them confident in using it while enrolling themselves for the upcoming year.

The Bottom line:

No doubt, open enrollment is a very busy time, and things need to be simplified to make it successful. By making careful planning well in advance and dividing your year into appropriate segments to categorize benefits will help you to lower down the complexities occur at the last time.

TeemWurk Ben Admin can be your partner when it comes to administrating and processing employee enrollments during the open enrollments period giving you more efficiency, compliancy and a successful employees’ benefits processing.


Boost Your Employees’ Productivity By Going Non-Traditional!

Boost Your Employees’ Productivity By Going Non-Traditional.jpg

Offering your employees beyond usual is definitely a morale booster for them. Especially when you are giving them something beneficial and enticing that other employers are failing to provide. For example, if any of your worker performs best in the team, and you bestow him/her with some rewards such as weekend shopping vouchers or two dining passes in some beautiful restaurant, then this will certainly make them happy and will encourage them to perform better.

What it signifies?

This simply means moving beyond conventional employee benefits will make you stand apart and will help you promote a healthy work culture, and win enhanced employee engagement and loyalty. Incorporating some specialty programs in your health benefits offerings will work like an icing on the cake such as surprise perks for best performers, discount on some learning classes and providing good fitness programs. Let’s find out some to start with:

Think About Employees’ Families As Well!

Addressing the personal needs of employees especially about their families will help you win their trust and loyalty towards your company. For example, if an employee is working with your company for more than five years, then you can offer them with exciting benefits & perks such as a week family holiday to some exotic place or give them family outing packages or shopping vouchers. This will show that you care for your employees as well as their family members and value their contributions to the team.

Show Interest In Their Professional And Career Development!

You can’t make your employee get fully engaged in the work until or unless you ensure them about their growth and progress. As an employer, you must keep the career and professional development of your employees as a priority. Many organizations allow their employees to choose some kind of course or certification that will be reimbursed once the employee clears it successfully. This will not only benefit the employees as individuals but also help your company to have a pool of skilled and competent workforce.

Give Your Employees Flexibility At Work!

Most of the employees especially the millennials, want to work at the time of their choices. Providing flexibility and freedom to your employees will not only make them satisfied but will also increase their productivity.

These days, many options such as work for home or telecommuting, etc. are available that allow employees to manage work-life balance. Telecommuting is a great flexibility option for most of the employees and reduces work-life balance conflicts and employee turnover. But, if providing telecommunicating jobs to your employees is not possible for you, then try to give them flexibility over work timings. This will motivate them to show their gratitude towards your company for such flexible work arrangements.

To Conclude:

Non-traditional benefits can promote a positive and healthy work culture, increase employee happiness and productivity. This will not only help you retain your talent pool longer but will constitute a great business sense by attracting most talented and competitive workers. Above are the few unusual benefits described that you can consider incorporating in your benefits offerings.

How Automated Time & Attendance System Helps Growing Your Business Exponentially.

Grow Your Business with Automated Time & Attendance System

Managing employee time and attendance has always been one of the prime concerns for businesses. If they have a manageable workforce, then maybe they don’t the feel the need to get an automated system, but even with a small workforce, companies must adopt an automated time and attendance management system to avoid any time keeping errors.

According to a recent survey, around 65% of the organizations are using automated time & attendance system to save themselves from the terrible losses due to manual timekeeping errors. Inaccurate timekeeping can lead to costly non-compliance issues, and can affect the organization’s production and profitability to a great extent. Therefore, Manual time-tracking has become an unfit approach for growing businesses.

Having an automated time tracking system at your workplace maintains accurate and reliable data, which makes labor management a lot more manageable. Let’s know how

Smoothen Your Progress

If you are a growing company and your employee size is expanding at a faster pace, then your HR department can easily be overwhelmed with the flow of work that will come along. In that case, relying on the traditional manual handling of HR tasks will certainly hinder the efficiency, and can make your growth stagnant. An automated system to track and manage employee time hours will help you streamline the process effectively without making any errors.

Strengthen Your Attendance Policies

When dealing with large teams, maintaining strict attendance policies is not an easy task. This may lead to increased absenteeism that can eventually affect your financial and administrative costs. Making your “sincere” employees work for longer hours won’t come economical, and will shoot your payroll costs to heights. Thus, an automated software will not only have well-built attendance policies, but also make employees follow the policies strictly as their payrolls will directly be generated through their attendance data. Moreover, your employees will have a real-time access to their schedules and avoid turning up late to office.

Easy Schedule and Shift Management

With just a few clicks, you can easily streamline your employee scheduling, assign hours to specific tasks based on pay rates, skills sets, and employee’s availability. Also, you can keep track on shift swaps, workloads, and budgets by departments. This will also make it easier for your employees to keep track of their shifts and schedules.

Avoid Non-Compliance Issues

Automated Time tracking can also help organizations stay confident about labor compliance. With a system in place, you can ensure that you have compliant labor practices and avoid any lawsuit or penalty. The software’s ability to provide quick data and reports will be your best tool to safeguard your company from the consequences of Department of Labor (DOL)’s audits as well.

Improve Workplace Productivity

By reinforcing your attendance policies and scheduling process, you will impart a sense of satisfaction among your employees that there are no errors in their timesheets and payrolls are generated on the basis of their recorded attendance data. Thus, this will help your employees focus more on their work leading to better productivity, engagement and will substantially cut down the cost of replacement and new hiring. This will also help your HR teams to focus on creative tasks rather than on tedious and error-prone recordkeeping work.

Proper workforce management and processing payrolls accurately begin with reliable data. In the absence of these, your organization can face non-compliance issues, decreased workforce productivity, and increased employee turnover.  With automated time and attendance system, you can prevent error-prone breakdowns due to inaccurate record keeping and can reap the above-mentioned benefits effectively.

How keeping proper timesheets helps your business in a big way?

How To Avoid Time & Attendance Errors_700X300

Keeping the right time & attendance records of employees is one of the important tasks an employer should do efficiently in order to tap their productivity. But to get this task done effectually, relying on the obsolete method of spreadsheets and entering the data through manual processes is a big NO-NO!

Managing paper timesheets in order to track your employees’ time and attendance is prone to many errors and very much open to non-compliance with the legislation. Therefore, to protect your workplace with productivity issues and to ensure proper legal compliance, there are few things that you should incorporate into your business.

But before arriving at the solutions, first make yourself aware of the reasons & consequences that you can face if your business is still running with manual time & attendance processes:

Incorrect Work Hours: This is the most common mistake while calculating the work hours for the employees. Also, chances are there that your employees may enter incorrect work hours by mistake. This can lead to unjustified overtime pay.

Wrong Data Entry: In case you have a separate payroll software and attendance data has to be entered manually into the system, then this makes it more error-prone. So, it’s better to avoid re-entering your employees’ time and attendance by getting an automated solution beforehand.

Favoritism: If the manager or supervisor likes or gives special “privilege” to any one of the employees who can be his friend, family member or relative, then it can lead to biasness and some employees may get benefit in many areas such as overtime pay or pay for non-worked hours.

Errors While Filling Pending Timesheets: This is again one of the common mistakes that can occur while calculating the attendance of employees. When the employees fill their timesheets at the last moment after a long gap, say after a week or month, then it is not an easy task for the manager to check each and every detail, especially in case of larger teams.

What Should Be Done to Bring Efficiency to the Process?

Use Digital Medium: Instead of relying on old and painstaking manual processes, use electronic timesheets for better transparency and accuracy. It will reduce administration’s load and increase payroll accuracy, ensure compliance and will generate the payroll according to “approved working hours” only.

Update Your Timesheet on a Regular Basis: Filling the timesheets in “one go” for the last 20 or 30 days will certainly create an error. To avoid it, better maintain attendance properly. Make it easier for your employees to enter, and supervisor to approve or reject the working hours. The quicker your procedure will be, more accurate it will become.

Keep Close Eye on Employees’ Activities: By having an effective and automated system in place, you can easily track the activities of your employees and get reports of the same. This will help you analyze your employee costs, overtime hours, and time spent on particular activity correctly.

In short, even small errors can lead to big losses in a long run. So, it is better to minimize human errors as much as possible. Having an automated time and attendance management at your workplace will certainly help you build an error free procedure. It will also help you in management reporting so that issues such as wrong work hours, overtime pay, payroll inconsistency etc. can be resolved quickly.

Why Mobile HRIS is a Trending Benefit to Business?

Mobile applications are increasingly playing a vital role in businesses with a larger customer-base as well as individuals strongly relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information & solutions. Mobile devices have now become the focal point for any business since they evolved as a hyper operative tool.

Industry insiders have suggested that there will be 5.6 billion smartphones globally by 2019. It should be no surprise, smart phone adoption is reaching the farthest corners of the globe and the subsequent impact of enterprise applications enabled by these devices is driving business performance improvement and will continue to do so.

Thus, with the widespread adoption of the technology and businesses looking forward to adopt it for every organizational operation, HR and related departments are no exceptions! More and more workforce management software providers are coming up with their mobile applications. Prior to this, there were lot of misconceptions regarding data management and security, but the applications are carefully built in secured environment in an enterprise-ready format. Thus, Mobile HCM is beginning to become the norm in every industry, whether during the hiring and onboarding process or as a regular part of daily work.


Here are the reason why an organization must opt for Mobile HRIS:

No Restrictions due to Geographical Locations:

HR systems accelerate the processes that must be executed and approved on real time basis. Since, the companies having geographically distributed workforce and the employees are required to travel extensively, the mobile HRIS systems allow employees to access their information from wherever and whenever required. It makes employees accessible to the company’s system despite of their physical locations.

Data Accessibility:

Mobile HRIS allows employees to have necessary data in real time and make better-informed decisions faster. Increased data value and awareness also improve the integrity of data. At the most basic level, all mobile HRIS should allow employees to access their own personal information and work schedules from any mobile device which prevents accidental no-shows and help managers to avoid spending time distributing schedules and related information.

Increased Productivity:

Mobile HRIS makes the processes easier and faster than switching on a laptop. The employees can also use the technology to perform some routine tasks in fraction of time. On the other hand, if the employer or the administration needs to know about the attrition rates or total headcount or any other information regarding the business, they need not to go to the system, log in the account and find the information, they can simply view and manage the data on their smartphones. Another benefit of mobile HRIS that boosts productivity is the reduction or elimination of downtime.

HR organizations that don’t have a modern HR and talent strategy are missing out on creating real value to the business. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to keep pace with the changing market trends and demands. Adopting mobile apps for HCM systems will not only help them reduce their administration time and efforts, but to remain competitive in the dynamic market environments.

The facts speak for themselves, mobile devices and applications are in employees’ everyday lives and HR has a great opportunity to improve engagement and productivity of its workers by providing targeted and user-friendly  mobile applications that not only improve the system and processes but also help them stay updated with changing market trends. Businesses must change to remain competitive, and implementing mobile HRIS is an effective way of staying ahead of the competition.

Clear Your Doubts On ACA Reporting Before You Start Your Preparations!

Since ACA reporting is in its first year, thus possibilities are extremely high that employers are totally unaware of what is actually going to happen. Under this confusion, several employers tend to make mistakes that might result in serious consequences. Following are some common questions that every employer must find answers to, in order to stay compliant and avoid any unwanted penalties.

Is it important to track employee hours?

Regardless of the size of an organization, it is extremely important that every employee’s working hours are recorded. Such information will help in fulfilling many legal requirements and will play a vital role in various calculations, and even determining if an employer is an applicable large employer or not (on the basis of total number of full-time or equivalent employees).

There’s no fine enforced for having 50 – 99 employees in 2015, thus filing is not required. Is there any need to worry about filing?

To stay compliant with the law, even the employers having between 50- 99 employees should make an attempt to file.  Although, IRS and DOL don’t have any plans of penalizing such employers but filing for the year 2015 can be a good idea to avoid facing any unforeseen consequences. The regulations might get updated at any moment and last minute preparation can be hazardous.

Is it not the responsibility of the payroll partner to take care of these filings?

ACA reporting is a complex aspect and it doesn’t only includes regular taxation processes. Thus, to file accurately, all your departments-payroll, HR and benefits administration need to work in sync. The job can be more efficiently handled by a domain expert, basically an integrated software that not only deals with HR, benefits admin and payroll but also ACA compliance and reporting. Moreover, with the help of technology you can make this process even smoother.


As an Employer, it is quite necessary if you know whether your reporting process would be simple or complicated?

The following aspects can help you determine the same. You will experience a simple reporting if,

1. All of your employees are on salary basis.
2. All your employees are working for 30 or more hours a week.
3. You have the same employees from year to year with little or no staff changes.
4. You offer minimum essentials coverage to your full-time and full-time equivalent employees.

On the other hand, your reporting will be complex if,

1. You also have a large number of part-time employees
2. You hire using an employment agency.
3. You had more than 40 employees in 2015.
4. Your health coverage or carriers changed since 2012.
5. You have a grandfathered self-funded health care plan.
6. You have high annual turnover.
7. You have several seasonal employees.

For the employers falling in the second category, keeping accurate records for 2015 and beyond is the basic necessity.

To fulfill all the requirements and avoid any penalties, take the aid of an ACA reporting tool. TeemWurk can be your ultimate partner in meeting all the reporting requirements, without missing any deadlines. You are sure to win this reporting battle with such a tool by your side.

Why Employers Need To Value HR App Integration?

Generally, HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, training new employees, handling performance appraisals, managing employee benefits, looking for ways to retain talent and handling employee payroll. Not so long before, coordinating all these tasks was thought of as a myth with lack of technological aid. But, the current era is running on a whole new level. HR’s role has shifted drastically from everyday administrative tasks to being more strategic and tech-savvy. Moreover, the introduction of integrated HR apps has made the HR’s life easier than ever before by combining different databases and streamlining regular work processes.

How Integrating HR Systems Will Streamline Work Processes

Diminishes The Chance Of Errors

With an integrated suite or an application capable of integrating with existing applications, the chances of facing or making errors reduce to a negligible state. This kind of integration will reduce the need of filling the same employee data into each application, which might otherwise, result in data discrepancy.

Planning And Strategy Becomes Easier

With all the data, like details of monthly employee performance, leave and attendance, health care benefits plans for each individual, etc. in a correct and centralized manner, analysis becomes extremely easy. This will help in making perfect plans and strategies for future organizational endeavors as you will be having a detailed view of each and every minute information.

Happy Employees Means More Productivity

When you will have everything in place, HRs can deliver the promises they make while on-boarding an employee, as they will be free from daily routine tasks. They can make effective strategies for engaging and retaining employees which will in turn result in happy and satisfied workforce. And when all said is done, employees will have a morale boost that will help in increased productivity.

It’s always good to see all information at a centralized place with no need to re-enter already entered data. Thus an integrated HR system is a must for every organization regardless of its size and type. TeemWurk offers an integrated HR, payroll and benefits administration suite that can effectively handle all your organizational tasks with utmost precision and ease. The product is also available as a stand-alone application with separate features as a separate application, which then can be easily integrated to your existing in-house systems. The data can also be easily synchronized from or to the newly installed system.

So, value the use of integrating core HR systems with other organizational processes and get an integrated HR solution for your organization right now.