How Small Businesses Can Balance Employee Benefit Requirements with Costs!

How Small Businesses can Balance Employee Benefit Requirements with Costs

Providing a good benefit package help small businesses to attract and motivate employees, but the quickly changing health care regulations exhilarate small businesses with increased costs. A recent study predicted that there will be a 20% increase for next 3 years in health care costs.

As a business owner, adopting profitable benefits enables you to retain and motivate your talent pool to create a win-win situation for your business.

Here are the few tips, small businesses can follow to minimize health insurance costs:

Encourage Wellness Programs:

Promoting health and wellness programs can help you minimize benefits cost and enable employees to work with their full potential. These wellness programs may include providing gym membership on discount rates, emphasis on benefits of walking and exercising, recommending fitness clubs and so on. All these wellness programs increase employees’ self-confidence and reduce overall health insurance cost.

Adapt The Benefits Employees Care About:

Dropping the benefits employees are not likely to use can save you money which you can utilize in other administrative tasks. A conversation with the employees guides you about the benefits employees are most concerned. Be assured that employees use the benefits offered to the them to the fullest, to value the cost you invested.

Choose the Best Benefit Option:

Explore the expectations of employees about benefits and based upon those requirements, look out for benefit options that satisfy all your employees’ needs. A quality benefit package must be affordable for employees covering all the requirements.

Manage Cost Using Technology:

Along with the cost of premium, cost of operating benefits is a component that makes benefits exorbitant. Employing online automated tools like Benefit Administration software, payroll manager, Employee Self Service portal, HRIS tools are the ways through which you can minimize your benefit costs to a great extent which saves your resources too.

Consider Health Saving Accounts:

A high deductible health insurance plan combined with Health Spending Account(HSA) and Health Reimbursement Account(HRA) is a captivating option for small business owners to reduce their benefit cost. These tax-exempted accounts allow employees to pay for their out-of-pocket medical expenses and carry forward the unused money to future years.

Be Prepared for Effects of Health Care Reforms:

Small business owners need to be updated with the rapidly changing rules and regulations to remain in compliance with law. Health care tax credit, one implementation of this law can enable small businesses to provide health insurance for their employees as a mean of minimizing health insurance costs. Businesses having no more than 25 employees can obtain this credit in which they will need to pay at least half the cost of healthcare coverage for employee.

The Takeaway:

Being aware of system’s mechanics, comparing health insurance benefits, provider’s record are the first actions to do when it comes up to saving your health insurance cost. Communicating the benefit choices to the employees and clarifying them all the things is a good step keeping your health insurance cost under control and getting a better benefit management.


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