Prepare For A Smooth Open Enrollment Well-In-Advance!


As open enrollment is just around the corner, most of the HR get busy in developing plan offerings, strengthen employee communications and maintaining technology platforms to make things streamlined. Although the pre-enrollment period is daunting and error prone, but careful preparation and proper planning can help you lower the burden and stress quotient with better results in a form of successful open enrollments.

How can HR and Benefits teams deal with this Open Enrollment Hustle?

Prepare Your Annual Activity Time Table!

By preparing your annual activity list that includes all your projects and tasks to be handled at this time of the year, you will get the fair idea about the time you have and how much you need to devote to open enrollment and administration processes. If any important project is scheduled during the busy season, try to reschedule it to some other time or if possible pass it to some other team. Make appropriate changes, review them and try to find a free space for the open enrollment preparations.

Categorize and Present your Offerings!

Actively discuss your benefit plans through strong communication channels. Since most of your employees might focus on few specific programs that they have already planned about such as medical, dental, vision and voluntary life, they just overlook other beneficial plans.

Thus, in order to bring out the best benefit packages for your employees, try focusing on current requirements. Categorize your offerings on the basis of what programs need to be included in current enrollment sessions. Other additional benefits and perks could be provided during the year.

Get Some Expert To Take Care Of Your Enrollment Processing!

Consider bringing in a benefits industry expert to talk in an easy-to-understand language about the benefits plan, and guide employees as per their convenience.  Also, go through all the questions you have received from employees in the past and consider developing a Q&A document that answers frequently asked questions.

Apart from guiding your workforce, so that they can choose the best benefit plans, schedule time with your broker to adjust all the spills such as confirm requirements, deadlines, and data needs. Make sure that you have perfect coordination and communication with all your parties that can provide you with regular updates and managing deadlines.

Transfer The Information Into Employee Hands Directly!

Any plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) should be directly transferred to employee’s hands whenever possible. Posting documents or information internally will not do the whole task. Set up a meeting with employees personally, answer their queries and give them relevant information. Tie your meeting with some reward to get the maximum employees show up.

Take on Technology! 

Since technology is the biggest key in driving successful open enrollments, as a part of your pre-enrollment preparations, check if your existing solution provider is meeting all your benefit administration needs or not! If not, then better start looking for a new one! Go with the feedbacks and features for the selection before the open enrollment period starts. Whatever be the case, when you are ready with a system, encourage your employees to login to the enrollment portal and explore it. This will make them confident in using it while enrolling themselves for the upcoming year.

The Bottom line:

No doubt, open enrollment is a very busy time, and things need to be simplified to make it successful. By making careful planning well in advance and dividing your year into appropriate segments to categorize benefits will help you to lower down the complexities occur at the last time.

TeemWurk Ben Admin can be your partner when it comes to administrating and processing employee enrollments during the open enrollments period giving you more efficiency, compliancy and a successful employees’ benefits processing.


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