Merge Wellness Programs With Benefits to Ensure Employee Well-being & Engagement!


Employee wellness programs have become a new criterion to measure any organization’s performance and its capability to engage and satisfy its workforce. Moreover, wellness programs do not remain the same and have evolved becoming more comprehensive and innovative now. Therefore, it has become very crucial to frame your organization’s wellness programs smartly that will not only make your present employees happy but also help you attract some new skilled candidates.

The foremost requirement of taking care of employee wellness is offering them relevant and appropriate benefit plans. Here are the few things that can help you in making your employee benefit plans right and attractive:

Expand Your Benefits Range!

Benefit offerings are not just limited to providing coverage for few dental check-ups and flu treatments, they have become much wider with new concerns and issues that need to be addressed. For example: what effect your offerings will make on the mental and emotional health of your employees? Will they be able to fulfill their healthcare needs by your offerings? And also how can you measure how apt your offerings are for your employees?

Instead of offering narrow benefits, opt for plans that work and will fulfill the needs of your employees. The best way to measure the success is by analyzing employees’ engagement and morale change you will witness with the  time.

Personalize Your Offerings By Segmenting Your Workforce!

Create a personalized platform to segment employees and determine their healthcare needs and requirements. This will help you deliver the right choices to them and your employees will find it easy to choose the right fit for themselves. But also make sure that your employees’ privacy  is not compromised on this. Make them understand that their information is fully protected by HIPAA rules. This will create a sense of assurance among your employees that will help them use your tech resources and other wearables involved in your benefit programs.

Encourage Your Employees To Participate!

Apart from benefit offerings, design your wellness programs properly to help your workforce fight and reduce stress. More employers are adopting this strategy and according to a  poll conducted by NPR recently, 51% of the employees agreed that they have formal wellness or health improvement programs in their employers’ offerings. These plans can be anything from weight control to nutrition to gym offers to smoking cessations, even drugs rehabilitations. But, even after offering such wide comprehensive programs, only 40% participated in the programs.

Therefore, offering your employees wide range of choices will not serve you the right purpose. Instead, make sure are they interested in the same. Know their preferences first and try bring out the similar offers and encourage them further to participate.

The Bottom Line:

The wellness programs have evolved a lot and keeping your offerings limited to same obsolete ones will not just degrade your brand value among your employees, but will also hamper their engagement. Therefore, it is very crucial to pack your offerings with comprehensive benefits and also, motivate your employees to opt those that can solve their present problems and meet their needs. Above are some points discussed that will help you prepare your benefit offerings strategies for the smooth enrollment.


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