Boost Your Employees’ Productivity By Going Non-Traditional!

Boost Your Employees’ Productivity By Going Non-Traditional.jpg

Offering your employees beyond usual is definitely a morale booster for them. Especially when you are giving them something beneficial and enticing that other employers are failing to provide. For example, if any of your worker performs best in the team, and you bestow him/her with some rewards such as weekend shopping vouchers or two dining passes in some beautiful restaurant, then this will certainly make them happy and will encourage them to perform better.

What it signifies?

This simply means moving beyond conventional employee benefits will make you stand apart and will help you promote a healthy work culture, and win enhanced employee engagement and loyalty. Incorporating some specialty programs in your health benefits offerings will work like an icing on the cake such as surprise perks for best performers, discount on some learning classes and providing good fitness programs. Let’s find out some to start with:

Think About Employees’ Families As Well!

Addressing the personal needs of employees especially about their families will help you win their trust and loyalty towards your company. For example, if an employee is working with your company for more than five years, then you can offer them with exciting benefits & perks such as a week family holiday to some exotic place or give them family outing packages or shopping vouchers. This will show that you care for your employees as well as their family members and value their contributions to the team.

Show Interest In Their Professional And Career Development!

You can’t make your employee get fully engaged in the work until or unless you ensure them about their growth and progress. As an employer, you must keep the career and professional development of your employees as a priority. Many organizations allow their employees to choose some kind of course or certification that will be reimbursed once the employee clears it successfully. This will not only benefit the employees as individuals but also help your company to have a pool of skilled and competent workforce.

Give Your Employees Flexibility At Work!

Most of the employees especially the millennials, want to work at the time of their choices. Providing flexibility and freedom to your employees will not only make them satisfied but will also increase their productivity.

These days, many options such as work for home or telecommuting, etc. are available that allow employees to manage work-life balance. Telecommuting is a great flexibility option for most of the employees and reduces work-life balance conflicts and employee turnover. But, if providing telecommunicating jobs to your employees is not possible for you, then try to give them flexibility over work timings. This will motivate them to show their gratitude towards your company for such flexible work arrangements.

To Conclude:

Non-traditional benefits can promote a positive and healthy work culture, increase employee happiness and productivity. This will not only help you retain your talent pool longer but will constitute a great business sense by attracting most talented and competitive workers. Above are the few unusual benefits described that you can consider incorporating in your benefits offerings.


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