How Automated Time & Attendance System Helps Growing Your Business Exponentially.

Grow Your Business with Automated Time & Attendance System

Managing employee time and attendance has always been one of the prime concerns for businesses. If they have a manageable workforce, then maybe they don’t the feel the need to get an automated system, but even with a small workforce, companies must adopt an automated time and attendance management system to avoid any time keeping errors.

According to a recent survey, around 65% of the organizations are using automated time & attendance system to save themselves from the terrible losses due to manual timekeeping errors. Inaccurate timekeeping can lead to costly non-compliance issues, and can affect the organization’s production and profitability to a great extent. Therefore, Manual time-tracking has become an unfit approach for growing businesses.

Having an automated time tracking system at your workplace maintains accurate and reliable data, which makes labor management a lot more manageable. Let’s know how

Smoothen Your Progress

If you are a growing company and your employee size is expanding at a faster pace, then your HR department can easily be overwhelmed with the flow of work that will come along. In that case, relying on the traditional manual handling of HR tasks will certainly hinder the efficiency, and can make your growth stagnant. An automated system to track and manage employee time hours will help you streamline the process effectively without making any errors.

Strengthen Your Attendance Policies

When dealing with large teams, maintaining strict attendance policies is not an easy task. This may lead to increased absenteeism that can eventually affect your financial and administrative costs. Making your “sincere” employees work for longer hours won’t come economical, and will shoot your payroll costs to heights. Thus, an automated software will not only have well-built attendance policies, but also make employees follow the policies strictly as their payrolls will directly be generated through their attendance data. Moreover, your employees will have a real-time access to their schedules and avoid turning up late to office.

Easy Schedule and Shift Management

With just a few clicks, you can easily streamline your employee scheduling, assign hours to specific tasks based on pay rates, skills sets, and employee’s availability. Also, you can keep track on shift swaps, workloads, and budgets by departments. This will also make it easier for your employees to keep track of their shifts and schedules.

Avoid Non-Compliance Issues

Automated Time tracking can also help organizations stay confident about labor compliance. With a system in place, you can ensure that you have compliant labor practices and avoid any lawsuit or penalty. The software’s ability to provide quick data and reports will be your best tool to safeguard your company from the consequences of Department of Labor (DOL)’s audits as well.

Improve Workplace Productivity

By reinforcing your attendance policies and scheduling process, you will impart a sense of satisfaction among your employees that there are no errors in their timesheets and payrolls are generated on the basis of their recorded attendance data. Thus, this will help your employees focus more on their work leading to better productivity, engagement and will substantially cut down the cost of replacement and new hiring. This will also help your HR teams to focus on creative tasks rather than on tedious and error-prone recordkeeping work.

Proper workforce management and processing payrolls accurately begin with reliable data. In the absence of these, your organization can face non-compliance issues, decreased workforce productivity, and increased employee turnover.  With automated time and attendance system, you can prevent error-prone breakdowns due to inaccurate record keeping and can reap the above-mentioned benefits effectively.


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