How keeping proper timesheets helps your business in a big way?

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Keeping the right time & attendance records of employees is one of the important tasks an employer should do efficiently in order to tap their productivity. But to get this task done effectually, relying on the obsolete method of spreadsheets and entering the data through manual processes is a big NO-NO!

Managing paper timesheets in order to track your employees’ time and attendance is prone to many errors and very much open to non-compliance with the legislation. Therefore, to protect your workplace with productivity issues and to ensure proper legal compliance, there are few things that you should incorporate into your business.

But before arriving at the solutions, first make yourself aware of the reasons & consequences that you can face if your business is still running with manual time & attendance processes:

Incorrect Work Hours: This is the most common mistake while calculating the work hours for the employees. Also, chances are there that your employees may enter incorrect work hours by mistake. This can lead to unjustified overtime pay.

Wrong Data Entry: In case you have a separate payroll software and attendance data has to be entered manually into the system, then this makes it more error-prone. So, it’s better to avoid re-entering your employees’ time and attendance by getting an automated solution beforehand.

Favoritism: If the manager or supervisor likes or gives special “privilege” to any one of the employees who can be his friend, family member or relative, then it can lead to biasness and some employees may get benefit in many areas such as overtime pay or pay for non-worked hours.

Errors While Filling Pending Timesheets: This is again one of the common mistakes that can occur while calculating the attendance of employees. When the employees fill their timesheets at the last moment after a long gap, say after a week or month, then it is not an easy task for the manager to check each and every detail, especially in case of larger teams.

What Should Be Done to Bring Efficiency to the Process?

Use Digital Medium: Instead of relying on old and painstaking manual processes, use electronic timesheets for better transparency and accuracy. It will reduce administration’s load and increase payroll accuracy, ensure compliance and will generate the payroll according to “approved working hours” only.

Update Your Timesheet on a Regular Basis: Filling the timesheets in “one go” for the last 20 or 30 days will certainly create an error. To avoid it, better maintain attendance properly. Make it easier for your employees to enter, and supervisor to approve or reject the working hours. The quicker your procedure will be, more accurate it will become.

Keep Close Eye on Employees’ Activities: By having an effective and automated system in place, you can easily track the activities of your employees and get reports of the same. This will help you analyze your employee costs, overtime hours, and time spent on particular activity correctly.

In short, even small errors can lead to big losses in a long run. So, it is better to minimize human errors as much as possible. Having an automated time and attendance management at your workplace will certainly help you build an error free procedure. It will also help you in management reporting so that issues such as wrong work hours, overtime pay, payroll inconsistency etc. can be resolved quickly.


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