Employee Self-Service Portal – How It Makes The Difference

There’s a constant challenge for HR managers to increase their role’s efficiency and deliver better quality employee services. HR tech solutions have to helped HR pros to an extent  through automated processing, but the one thing that came out as the best way to cater this expectation is the employee self-service portal that gives employees’ immediate access to critical information and enables effective communication throughout the organization.

Employee Self-Service Portal – How It Makes The Difference.jpg

Here are a few realized benefits of ESS portals:

#1 Significant Drop In HR’s Administrative Burden

With all the daily routine work being streamlined through an efficient HRMS with a self-service functionality, HR can get free from significant load on their shoulders. Employees get most of the answers to their queries all by themselves through the portal itself, without bothering the HR for every small problem.

#2 Enhanced Access To HR Services

Ease of access to most of the basic HR services enables employees and HR professionals to communicate 24/7 and get all queries answered. This kind of flexibility not only offers efficiency but also improves employees’ user experience with several value-added features.

#3 Quick Response Time

With the availability and accessibility of the application at any point of time and from any geographical location, through a mobile app, employees can perform certain actions at their ease and receive instant responses to those actions, like prompt leave approvals, etc.

#4 Considerable Boost In Employee Engagement

Increased communication and ease to access their personal information leads to better employee engagement and eventually highly satisfied workforce. Happier employees are less likely to leave your organization, therefore higher retention rate.

#5 Improvement In Quality Of Data

As employees will be the one entering their own personal data, the quality automatically increases.  This is because when the information is told to someone and the third person enters it in the system, the probability of making errors increases.

#6 Reduction In Resource Requirements And Costs

Making every process digitized leads to a paper-less office, which means reduction in costs; and enabling employees to handle their information all by themselves means less requirement of a dedicated personnel to maintain the information.

The use of employee self-service technology is booming at present and is definitely going to bring tactical gains to the organizations using it. Thus, employers are required to analyze the benefits and adopt them in their core processes to achieve high quality results.

It’s time to stop making excuses and get into action! Look around and analyze how organizations are benefitting from the self-service portal integrated within an HR solution. This will make you adopt one for your organization too.


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