Obamacare Still Struggling To Be Convincing – Challenges Continue…

TeemWurk - Obamacare Still Struggling To Be Convincing Challenges Continues

Right from the time Obamacare has come into effect, consequential obstacles such as presidential election, two significant Supreme Court challenges and dozens of abolition efforts in Congress have blocked its way

Here are 5 main hurdles that still persist and continue to bother the law in one way or the other –

Healthcare costs are still too high.

Enrollees are discovering that the “Affordable” Care Act is not affordable in any sense as healthcare costs continue to rise much faster than wages, thereby putting a financial burden on people who are availing the related benefits. Deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs are constantly on the rise because businesses opt for plans with lower premiums, as “Cadillac tax” pressurize employers to offer skimpy health coverage or simply pass the taxes’ cost on to their employees. This eventually means that the employee/patient has to bear most of the health care costs.

Extending the scope of Medicaid expansion.

Nearly 4 million Americans were supposed to be covered under the Medicaid expansion, over the next decade. But when the Supreme Court ruled that it is not mandatory for the states to follow this provision in the health-care law, many states took up the option. Around, 21 states with Republican governors or GOP-controlled legislatures are not willing to adopt Medicaid expansion posing various reasons backing their statement, like ideological objections, budget pressures and their disbelief in Washington’s long-term commitment to pay most of the costs.

What if Republicans Capture the White House in 2016?

As the 2016 presidential race seems extremely competitive, with many Republican candidates in both houses of Congress, the ultimate challenge to Obamacare persists. It’s not clear if Republicans will completely knock over Obamacare, as it would abandon nearly 20 million Americans who are already covered, back into the pool of uninsured. But we are certainly going to experience substantial change in some way.

The Effect Of Ever-Changing Market.

In the first two years of the marketplaces, healthcare premiums have not increased much nationwide but this could substantially change in the near future. Insurers are being constantly protected by the Federal Government from paying high medical bills, but the comfort is soon to disappear. Insurers, concurrently, have gained enough experience with their initial customers to analyze whether their premiums are enough to cover healthcare costs. Those who have not, are likely to expect a significant high rise.

Enrollment Isn’t Strong Enough.

Around 18 million Americans eligible to buy insurance in federal and state marketplaces haven’t showed any interest in buying it. The major challenge that those marketplaces faced was to attract Hispanics, young adults and those who don’t like to be forced to buy the insurance. There has been a considerable decrease in the federal funding used to enroll people and advertise for the insurance. States like Vermont, Hawaii, Colorado and Rhode Island are among those who are still searching for ways to be self-sufficient as the penalty for going without coverage is likely to rise next year to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of the total family income—whichever is larger.

In the five year tenure of Obamacare, it has faced many major ups and downs but the law has kept its stronghold in between all the oppositions and challenges. Now only the future will decide what its fate is and how long it can hold its grounds?


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