Time To Go Beyond The Gender Gap To Witness Economic Growth!

Even after years of promoting gender equality, it’s disappointing to see that gender disparity is still persistent at the workplace. Women are still striving hard to climb up the corporate ladder.

While global corporations are progressively electing women on boards and in senior management, still there is sluggishness towards the trend. Not many countries give equal growth opportunities to women as compared to their male counter parts. Sill there is a significant disparity between the two genders in leadership positions.

Happy International Women's Day - TeemWurk

In U.S. colleges, women are graduating faster than men; still the ratio for earnings in men and women is around 7:10. Similarly, Australia having world’s highest educated female population witnesses the decade old gender disparity. China faces same situation with the increasingly widening income gap.

As per recent research studies, women make up for only 14% of the Fortune 500 board seats. The numbers are disappointing. But, the good part is that the numbers are improving. An upward trend is shown in the number of board seats occupied by women in U.S corporations. Many renowned multinationals like Xerox, Procter & Gamble etc. have 40% board’s seats held by women.

European countries are making the mark when it comes to gender parity in corporate boards. Even, many countries have put gender quotas in corporate governance to empower women in leadership roles. This is a positive trend and must be encouraged among all nations to alleviate the gap and to have women in more influential roles during organizational decision-making.

While on legislative and national grounds, it can be adopted; women also must value themselves and be confident enough to take on more accountable positions. Economies can be at their best only when every individual (man and woman) gets the equal opportunity to perform and that is in the best interest of all business leaders.

TeemWurk Bus

On this International Women’s Day, TeemWurk wishes all women all the good luck for their growth and development in corporate roles as well as other spheres of life!

Congratulate Yourself, Cherish The Feminism And Embrace Your Empowerment!


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