5 Points to Consider While Buying An EDI Software

Getting data integration system for your organization has always been a painstaking process. Whenever you look out for the system, you get entangled in demos, price quotes, etc. and are not able to concentrate on your organization-specific requirements. Indeed, you must jot down your pre-requisites and then find a solution that matches up to your requirements.

Key Points for EDI Software - TeemWurk

A perfect idea to address your concerns would be to ask the key questions to your EDI software vendor:

Handling Communications:

Ensure that whether your software vendor is capable enough to handle all the communications related to benefits enrollments and EDI file transfer. The service provider should take the responsibility to maintain coordination between the employee, employer, health insurance carrier, TPAs, brokers, etc. Many EDI software come with in-built communicating ability to communicate with these partners via FTP, SMTP, HTTP and AS2.

Operating System:

You must be aware of the operating system that the software will use. This will help you determine whether your in-built systems are compatible with it or not, since it is a long-term requirement.

File-Format Support:

The software must be capable of supporting different file formats in addition to EDI format. These include XML, JSON files, etc. This multi-format compatibility allows you to transmit files and integrate data efficiently.

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System Upgradation:

Another aspect that you need to consider while buying the software is whether it is upgradable or not! Technology keeps on updating and in order to be in pace, the software should not be obsolete. Most of software providers provide free upgrade feature and can help you save up-gradation costs.

Security Protocols:

For any HIPAA transaction, software must have the minimum security specifications as prescribed by HIPAA. Since the transactions are highly confidential, proper security measures must be taken while sending and receiving data files.

These are the basic requirements, but many of the companies overlook these aspects while deciding the right service provider. TeemWurk, leading EDI solutions and services provider takes in consideration all these basic requirements of users and provides them with its perfect 3D EDI tool.


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