Check If Your Healthcare EDI Transactions Are HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliant Transactions with TeemWurk

HIPAA requires all health care transactions to be done according to the EDI standards. This means that all those related with health care transactions, i.e. the health care providers, carriers, and even employers need to transmit all health information in EDI format.

Integration of these transactional requirements is a crucial process and requires proper understanding of all the HIPAA mandates along with those of Affordable Care Act provisions. Any kind of variance or non-compliance can directly make you liable to pay penalties and fines.

Since the process may consume your considerable time and money and also entails multitude of complexities, it is preferable to employ a service provider that can efficiently handle all the transactions with complete compliance. This will not only help you save time but also drive down costs and administering efforts for the process.

To execute the process in accordance with the federal rules and regulations, the deployed service provider must have a combination of cutting-edge technology and skills.

TeemWurk, with its Advanced 3D EDI Tool, can expertly handle data integration and mapping. In addition to it, the broad functionalities offered by the tool help you adhere to the EDI standards and meet all ACA requirements. With the deadline coming up, TeemWurk is efficiently handling the enrollments with bulk uploads and zero errors!


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